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Super Mario world rom is also available. There is even an April Fool’s joke in the form of passing a game without pressing the B button all the time. However, only the version with the missing levels generated a serious competition of retro-players.

Super mario world rom

The physics engine of Super Mario world rom Bros is very complicated compared to other games of the 80s. In the movements of Mario, many nuances are not visible to the naked eye. In a normal game (at the macro level of SMB research, so to speak), it is only possible to control the hero with a large degree of error in actions. With unaccustomed it is quite difficult to predict where the character will jump, if you press Next + A + B for a fraction of a second. Fortunately, thanks to the thoughtful design of levels, the fight against ingenious physics remains the only difficulty for a beginner. And an experienced player already subconsciously takes into account the force of gravity, the additional acceleration of the B button and many other factors. Nevertheless, some error still remains.

  • Clever overclocking
  • Normal overclocking

In the instrumental game, the calculation of actions can be transferred from the sphere of the subconscious to the sphere of completely rational thinking. It is possible to describe causal relationships with quite obvious formulas. For example, how does a regular speed runner start a Super mario world rom level? Back in time saver presses Right + B and holds. Taser cannot fuss, but clearly define the first moment when pressing Right + B will act as a run. By writing a trivial solution to the file (Right + B is pressed at the time of drawing the background image on the screen), you can experiment with less logical options, for example, press B through once, or alternate Right and Right.

It was with such illogical methods that the ancient Tasers discovered the fastest way to accelerate from zero speed to maximum. At the beginning of the level (or exit from the pipe), you need to turn to the left and make a small jump back (to the right, but your back), then hold Right to a few frames. Until the speed of Mario has reached the value of “40”, repeat the backward jump with a turn, after which you can simply clamp Forward + B and rush along the level at maximum speed.

You, probably, have already guessed that during the whole run Mario is destined to remain small, since there is no speed advantage for the big Mario, and no one will lose time waiting for the prizes. In this case, there is a complete passage.

  • Using gravity for quick exit

Super mario world rom

As you know, in the first level of SMB there is an opportunity to shorten the path by going down a pipe to an underground cache. Here it is worth noting another simple technique: to get to the exit as soon as possible, the player jumps and falls from a height, picking up a higher speed of descent. This use of gravity is applicable in almost all platform games, and it is intuitively understandable even to a person who is far from computer games.

Much more amazing stunts begin from the second level – Mario shamelessly jumps past carnivorous flowers from pipes, passes through walls and kills enemies with his head.

Through pipes with piranhas, you can deftly jump without waiting for the flowers to disappear.

Everything is clear with flowers from the pipes – well-calculated movements can prevent the intersection of the physical borders (collision box) of objects. And even if the sprites visually intersect noticeably, touching the enemy will not be registered by the system.

But strikes at the bottom of the enemies look like some insolent cheating. The enemy falls on the head of Mario jumping under him, but after a collision, the hero continues to leap up, and the enemy falls defeated. Everything happens in a completely different way than ordinary gamers used to understand the game rules.


Mario from the Matrix

Because of this logical inconsistency, the TAS phenomenon was very hard to accept by the masses at the beginning of its development. The fact is that people tend to replace reality with their ideas about it.